Website Care Plans

Don't let your website maintenance fall behind!

WordPress websites are no longer a “set it and forget it” component of your company's digital marketing strategy. As technology evolves, website software needs to be constantly updated in order for it to perform its functions effectively, or else you may experience negative consequences including lower rankings on Google search results pages due specifically to security vulnerabilities being discovered by hackers all over the world every day!

Website Maintenance Plan Features

Websites are the front-line in your company's digital presence. They need to be secure, backed up regularly and updated whenever there is new content or functionality.


We create daily backups to protect your site in the event of a hack or ransomware.

Software Updates

WordPress is an ever-changing environment. We ensure that your website and plugins are up to date, so you can stay ahead of the curve in today’s technology driven world!

Security Monitering

There are now more and more hackers who want to take advantage of a website’s vulnerabilities, but we have invested in the proper firewalls so that you don't need to worry about your site getting hacked.

Website Analytics

With our insight-driven website analytics, you'll be able to gain a deep understanding of how users interact with your site on an individual basis.

Professional Support

Let us take care of your web development so you can focus on what makes sense for the company.

Premium Hosting

With our 24-hour monitoring and 99.7% uptime, you can rest assured that your website is up no matter what the problem may be!

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